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Science is a tool, a community, and a spirit of inquiry that should be accessible to everyone, everywhere. So we’ve brought The Lab online, with experiments you can do at home and LIVE streaming sessions with our facilitators.



Presented on alternating Tuesdays at 4pm, we’ll host a Lab Livestream where we can do an experiment together! Register for the Livestream or watch replays below. Lab@Home is brought to you by Biogen.

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Bring your little ones to join us for an exploration of science and scientific thinking! Scheduled live programming affiliated with The Lab and Lab@Home, aimed at kids ages six and younger. We will spark curiosity, engage viewers with activities, and encourage a lifelong interest in science. Presented on alternating Tuesday at 4pm, we’ll host a LittleLab Livestream where we can do an experiment together!

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Lab@Home Kit

While the (mostly reusable) tools in this kit are never required and educators always offer at-home alternatives, working with authentic tools of the trade can be helpful, practical, and empowering!

Kit contains 3 test tubes, 3 pipettes, 1 magnifier, 10 pH strips, 1 forceps, 1 test tube rack, 1 UV light keychain, 1 spot tile, 1 funnel, and 3 petri dishes.


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Lab at Home kit