Support the Museum :: Gifts of stocks and securities

Gifts of stocks and securities

The Museum welcomes gifts of stock, securities, and other appreciated assets. These gifts may allow for the avoidance of capital gains taxes and provide a charitable deduction for the full fair market value of the donation.

Instructions for Stock Transfers

To initiate a transfer of stock or securities held by a brokerage firm or commercial bank, please notify your broker or bank that you intend to transfer securities to the Museum. This can often be done online. Your broker or bank will need the information below to complete this transaction.

  • Brokerage Name: Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
  • For the Benefit of:  Museum of Life and Science
  • Museum Account #:   760-108534-170
    Broker DTC #:  0015
  • EIN #: 56-0938434

Important Instructions for Donors

Please also notify the Museum about your gift. The information below will help us to track your gift and thank you as soon as possible.

  • Your name and contact information
  • The number and types of shares

Note:  if your stock is in certificate form (rather than in an account at a financial firm), you will need to go to a Morgan Stanley office to deposit the shares into our account. It is important to do this in person to avoid sending endorsed stock certificates through the mail.

The Museum’s Contacts @ Morgan Stanley are:
Sean Fenton    (919) 490-7113
Ward Flintom  (919) 490-7188
Joe Helmy     (919) 490-7164

Additional Tips

Stock Valuation for Donors: The delivery method of your stock gift determines the deductible value for IRS tax purposes. Please consult with your tax advisor. We are happy to confirm your stock donation, reflecting the name of the security and number of shares. Your tax advisor will help you calculate the deductible value.

Stock Valuation for the Museum: The Museum determines the value of your stock gift for funding and recognition purposes according to IRS and accounting guidelines. Please note that, per IRS policy, stock transferred to the Museum for the payment of membership dues cannot bypass capital gains taxes.  If you would like to use stock proceeds to pay for your membership, please sell your stock and forward a check to the Museum.

Kiplinger’s financial website has information to help you decide whether it is better to make a donation of stock or cash. The Motley Fool also has general information on charitable contributions of stock. Please always consult your own tax planner or financial advisor before making such donations.


For all other questions, please contact us!