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Donor Spotlight

Sandra and Peter Jacobi

As long-time members and supporters of the Museum, the Jacobi’s have seen the Museum through many different lenses – parents, grandparents, and community members, to name a few. Recently, however, Peter and Sandra experienced the Museum in a new way – volunteer. After volunteering, Peter reached out with a unique request to connect two of his passion. Sandra and Peter wanted to make a gift to the Museum that would support our Pollinator Pathway, which is replacing invasive plant species with natives while also highlighting the Rotary’s backyard challenge. Learn more about their story below.


Sandra and I have enjoyed and supported the Museum of Life and Science since we came to Durham in 1979. Our children and grandchildren have all explored the Museum and continue to do so today. 

I am a Rotary member. Rotary International has a long-term goal: To protect the environment. Since Rotarians are people of action, the Rotary Club of Durham is sponsoring The Backyard Challenge for our members to identify non-native, invasive plants in their yards, workplaces or in our community; to remove these invasives; then replace these plants with native species. Sandra and I accepted The Backyard Challenge for our own yard. It is one plant at a time.  

Recently, Rotary members worked with Museum staff on a similar project along the Wetland Trail. It was a hands-on morning where we learned how the Museum restores habitats with native plant species.

In March 2023, the Durham Rotary Club will join with the Museum of Life and Science to distribute native plant plugs to visitors. Perhaps another family will accept their own Backyard Challenge to plant native species.  

Past Museum Director Tom Krakauer and current Director Carrie Heinonen have been Rotarians. So, by work on habitat restoration, you could say that the Museum has accepted the Backyard Challenge. It just happens that the Museum has a bigger backyard than most of the rest of us.

We are thrilled to help support the Museum and Durham Rotary in habitat restoration. Doing so allows us to support what the Museum in our eyes has always done best: to educate; to provide hands-on learning; and to excite new generations of citizen scientists to explore the world we share.”


Thank you, Peter and Sandra, for your support! If you are interested in making a difference at the Museum, consider supporting our Annual Fund!

The Jacobi's