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New Chicken Coop Ready

Our chickens spent all summer behind the scenes as their home was upgraded. Now that summer is ending, they are back in the Farmyard– to their new and improved home! Our summer project was to build our Farmyard chickens a new coop. Much planning, purchasing, strategizing, scheduling, cutting, lifting, hammering, screwing, digging, painting, and repeating, occurred throughout the summer.


While many people were involved, Scott “Skinny” Eney from our Exhibits Team, made it his mission to ensure that the work would get done, and get done right. From design, to demolition, and final touches, Skinny’s work can be seen everywhere.


Skinny, in blue on the right, working with Christian in the maroon shirt and Michaela in the gray shirt in the early days of demolition.


A majority of the old coop down by this point



After demolition was finished, some tents were set up to keep equipment sheltered. We also posted a design plan for guests to see throughout the work.




Skinny in the back, with Nicole in the front getting the roof beams positioned and secured.


The old chicken coop didn’t have a roof, but this new coop has a roof and the chickens are likely to stay dry no matter how much it’s raining.


With the roof finished, the painting of the post began, along with the addition of our entry vestibule.


With posts painted it was next time for Skinny to add the screening


Final painting and adding of screening were some of the final touches. Of course, we had to make sure the coop safely contained all our equipment before we would deem it safe for our hens.


A final few days of getting the coop ready for the chickens, was followed by a staff party to welcome the chickens back to the Farmyard, and then bringing the chickens- and guests- back. We look forward to seeing you all back in the Farmyard.

Lots of us are excited to welcome the chickens back home.


Our Farmyard is now complete with the chickens back home.


Thanks Skinny!!!!!