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Snow Day

On January 22, the Museum’s campus was blanketed in snow, along with most of North Carolina. We mean a “North Carolina blanket” of fewer than four inches. Our campus is a magical place every day of the week, especially when it is snow kissed. Come along for a tour.

Rocket in snow
The Rocket
Climbing structure in snow
Gateway Park
Outdoor instruments in snow
Tunnel entrance with snow
Entrance into Hideaway Woods
Donkey in coat standing in snow
Lightning looking very warm and handsome in his winter coat.
Bull with ice in beard
Dusty with an icy beard
Blue bull sculpture with snow on top
Durham Bull sculpture
Pathway covered in snow
Farmyard pathway covered in snow
Caboose in snow with map and pathway
Caboose and Train plaza
Dinosaur in the snow
Edmontonia in the snow
Dinosaur in the snow
Dinosaur in the snow
Sign at top of boardwalk covered in snow
Explore the Wild and the top of the Boardwalk
Earth Moves sign covered in snow
Entrance to Earth Moves
Rock formation covered in snow
Waterfall rocks made a very cool pattern in the snow.
Waterfall and rock cave with snow on pathway
Earth Moves waterfall from inside the rock cave
Pathway with tire tracks in snow
Catch the Wind pathway to the Wetlands
Two chairs overlooking water in the snow
Water’s Edge overlooking the Wetlands
Water almost iced over with snowy trees
The Wetlands almost completely iced over.