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Spring Update

If you’ve not been outside lately, here’s some of what you may have missed.

Cross vine has been blooming for more than a week. This particular vine is on the Dinosaur Trail. Look up as you pass the Myasaura.

Cross vine growing up a pine on the Dino Trail.

Common snapping turtles mate, as do other turtles, each spring. However, it’s a pretty rough and tumble affair for snappers. There’s lots of splashing, snapping, and rolling over and over, in and under the water. It may last more than an hour.

A long, drawn out, rough and tumble mating of the snapping turtles.

As the days go on, more and more butterflies are being seen.

Small and dainty, eastern-tailed blue butterfly.

Monarchs have been migrating through, laying eggs and munching milkweed.

This pale monarch laid eggs on several milkweed plants on 18 April.
This monarch caterpillar munches on milkweed on 9 May.

Great-crested flycatchers have been very vocal in the past few weeks.

Great-crested flycatcher.

Song sparrows sing along with catbirds, cardinals, tanagers, towhees, and thrashers.

An old favorite, song sparrows sing a rolling combination of buzzes and clear, melodious notes which, once heard, is hard to forget.

Every day the scene changes. If you’re not out there, you won’t see it happen.