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Why the COVID-19 vaccine matters and why it’s safe

The COVID-19 vaccines are here! As of April 7, all adults in North Carolina are eligible to get vaccinated. A vaccine for older children is on the way soon.

The science is clear: getting vaccinated is the right thing to do. The vaccine is safe and effective. It will protect you from COVID-19 but also your friends, family, and neighbors. It builds immunity in our community to protect the most vulnerable. Vaccination is the best tool we have to end the pandemic and return to normalcy.

We salute the people who have already gotten vaccinated and encourage everyone to get their shots as soon as possible. We also know that many people still have questions. We asked Durhamites to share some of their thoughts, concerns, and feelings about the vaccine – then we sat down with a group of Durham experts to address them:

Visit the second floor of the Museum for an expanded exhibit with more details about how scientists developed the vaccine, how it works, and why vaccination is so vital for Durham.

Already vaccinated? There’s something else you can do: talk to your loved ones about why you made your choice. People make decisions with the help of those they care about most. You are a trusted messenger in your own social circles — in many cases, they may trust you more than the news, politicians, or scientists. Recent research showed that roughly 58% of Americans who aren’t yet vaccinated will turn to family and friends when deciding whether to get their shot. Your voice could make a difference for someone you know.

We all have a role to play in helping to vaccinate Durham. We hope this video can help inform and inspire your conversations with your friends and loved ones.