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New faces in familiar places

About a month ago, I wrote a post about the red wolf recovery program, and the next home for Eno and Ellerbe.  It’s been quite a month since their departure. “Bittersweet” tends to be one of the common emotions people feel during the fall—the time of year when red wolf transfers occur.

Eno and Ellerbe

Why the fall? After the summer heat, it’s the safest time for red wolves to get caught up for their physicals and transferred around the country. This allows the wolves to be at their new homes and set before breeding season (which tends to begin late January to early February).

Our whole Museum team worked hard to get the habitat ready for the next red wolves to arrive. From Exhibit refreshing of the camera systems to our Development team cleaning and prepping the den beds and our Guest Relations and Education teams assisting with fence maintenance and tree trimming, this was truly a full team effort.

Scott and Kyle from the Exhibits team installing the new den camera system


Development team, after their morning working in the wolf exhibit

We welcomed Niko (M2164) and Oak (F2304) to the Museum on Monday, November 7. Under the watchful eye of the Animal Care team, they have been slowly settling in and exploring their new habitat.

Both wolves come to the Museum from the North Carolina School of Veterinary medicine. Niko was born on May 5, 2016, in Tacoma, WA, and was transferred to NCSU in November 2021. Oak was born at NCSU on April 29, 2019, and has been paired with Niko since his move in November 2021. Both wolves are on the smaller side, approximately 50 pounds each.

Oak Photo taken by Ranger Robert

Be sure to stop by the wolf exhibit and welcome Niko and Oak to the Museum!