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Red Wolf behavior

This is the time of year I start to look for courtship or mating behavior in our Red Wolves. All Red Wolves are born in April or May. Given the gestation period for Red Wolves averages 63 days, now through the end of February is the best time to witness breeding behavior in our Red Wolves. If it happens, it will happen soon.

Our female, Oak, seems to be doing all she can to interest our big male, Adeyha. Oak follows Adeyha, walks under or over (not around) him, and tries her best to elicit play. But so far he doesn’t seem interested. He seems to be doing his best to ignore Oak.

Sticking close (Oak – right).
Right under his nose.
Relentless elicitation.
Nuzzling and nibbling is part of the wolf’s courtship (Oak – top).

On several occasions when these photos were taken (6 days into February) Adeyha bared his teeth and snapped at Oak (no harm done).

Adeyha (right) doesn’t seem quite ready to commit.

As the days and weeks go on we may see more cooperative behavior from Adeyha and perhaps actual mating. I’m going to keep my camera at the ready. Be especially watchful February 14 through 17 as these dates coincide with my observational and photographic experiences in the mating of our Red Wolves.

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