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The past few weeks in pictures

If you’d been watching the past several weeks, you may have noticed some of the subjects of the photos that follow.

Here’s what you may have seen, or missed, on our trails.

Red Buckeye bud.
Red buckeye shoots.
Red buckeye, shoots and flower buds.
Flower buds.
Carolina chickadee inspects red maple bud.
Cornel dogwood bud.
Cornel dogwood flowers.
Carolina wren eyes me from weather vane in Catch the Wind.
Elm flowers.
Close up of tiny elm blossoms.
The elms above the red wolf enclosure.
Fox sparrow looks me over.
Hazel alder male (catkins) and female flowers.
Alder female flowers.
Hermit thrush seeks food.
Japanese apricot (Prunus mume).
Loblolly pine.
Male mallard stretches.
Male mallard relaxes.
Mistletoe berries glow.
Don’t eat the berries (mistletoe).
Unconcerned male pine warbler.
Red-shouldered hawk nest (sorry, this one’s not in the public viewing area).
Hawk in nest.
Red-shouldered hawk soaring.
In a glide.
Trout lily.
Redbud flower buds.
Oakleaf hydrangea shoots.

Things are changing quickly out along our outdoor loop trails. Get out and have a look around.